Welcome to the Unique NandanKanan Zoo of Odisha

Let’s take a ride together to one of the most unique zoos in India. Just about 20 km from Bhubaneswar, the capital city. It covers about 437-hectares that are 1080-acre of the land. Nandankanan zoological park is the first zoo in the world where White Tiger and Melanistic Tiger was first introduced.  Nandankanan zoo is the only conservation breeding centre of India for Pangolins in the entire world. It is also the first member of institutional member of World Association of Zoos and Aquarium (WAZA). In this zoo, you will find many animals, birds and fish that will make fill your heart with happiness and you live with complete excitement. This entire idea started when some forest officials decided to conserve some rare animals and rare plants and have decided to introduce them by participating in the World Agricultural Fair in the year 1960 at Delhi. The idea of opening the Nandankanan National park was objected by the State Finance Department due to financial reasons. However, with the effort of late Mr P. Mohapatran posted as the Divisional Forest Officer from Puri and the Late Mr G.K. Das, Divisional Forest Officer from Deogarh this Zoo came into existence. This Zoo become the first captive gharial breeding centre of India and gained its popularity all over Asia and the world. There are several rare animals you will get to find than another zoo’s in India.

  • Orissa tourism aims at showing the best to its tourist who can see all the rare animals and rare birds which you could barely see anywhere else in India. Since 1979 when the zoo officially got inaugurated tourist from around the world have been coming in a huge group to enjoy this beautiful zoo with their friends and family.

The Nandankanan Zoo timing starts from 7:30 am in the morning to 5:30 pm in the evening. During this timing, you can do several activities in just one place. Orissa’s Nandakanan is mostly overcrowded during holidays and stays a little less occupied on weekdays. If you are travelling from Puri to Nandankanan then you might just take a Bus, Train or even your car to see the most picturesque park to bring you the moment to discover unique flora and fauna flourishing in their most natural habitat. Nandankanan ticket price ranges from only Rs50/- which gives you the complete freedom to see more than 34 white tigers in its vicinity, 7 varieties of mammals, 18 varieties of reptiles and 81 several species of birds, and Asiatic lion, lion-tailed macaque, Indian crocodiles, Nilgiri langur, Indian pangolin, Himalayan black bear, Mouse deer, Rhesus macaque, Blackbuck and many more. You can also take the Nandankanan safari which takes you in the bus to see Lion safari, Tiger safari also several other animals like spotted deer, Zebra, birds like Turkey and peacock are most likely to be spotted during your journey.

You can also take Nandankanan photos and Nandankanan videos through your handy cam, high-end video camera and can also project movie in a movie camera by paying an additional minimum price.  You could also see the Nandankanan zoological park images over the internet of how beautiful this zoo was really built which have attracted millions of viewers around the world. Students take these images and use them in their project based on their subjects.  When you visit this zoo don’t forget to take the Nandankanan train which takes you on the ride to cover this entire zoo which seems a little difficult to cover in just one day. If you are travelling to Nandankanan from a separate city you might check the status on Nandan Kanan Express 12816 time table. To reach this zoo the Government of Odisha has made several facilities that allow you to plan and visit the place any time and any day.

Nandankanak zoological park has the most fascinating lake and wonderful lush green environs, which is a virtual paradise for birds inviting native as well as migratory birds. You would be able to see some gigantic birds along with 81 species of birds which belongs to the rare species of birds.  Some of the birds that are absolutely beautiful and stunning are the white peacock, blue and yellow macaw, green-winged macaw, open billed stork, Grey Patridge, Common Peafowl, Red Spurfowl, Red Jungle fowl, Lesser Whistling Teal, Cotton pigmy goose and many countless birds. The zoo that is located near the Chandaka forests has the lushest green that is being spread in about 4 sq km of area, while the wildlife sanctuary is spread in around 5 sq km consisting of various flourishing varieties of flora. The property also has the flora from the rippling waters of Kanjia Lake. The area is covered with densely greened with trees like Bija, Sal, Asana and Anala.

Nandankanan also known as the “Garden of Heaven” went through a major loss in the super-cyclone that occurred in 1999, but the officials and the workers have constantly worked to save the animals and birds. This shows that the Zoo has been always taken care of and so are the species that stay here. Recently in the year 2000, this zoo has been upgraded to with more than 3.3 millions of tourist visiting this every year. It has more than 34 aquaria that have a large variety of marine species along with a reptile park. To enter this park you will have to go through a giant Tyrannosaurus Rex replica which is quite fascinating to watch. Several people take pictures in front of this statue as this symbolizes as a landmark of Nadankanan.  To reach the Nandankanan Zoo you can also use the Google map in your phone which gives you the accurate location.

  • Orissa Tourism is glad to invite you to visit Nandankanan zoo however we request you to not tease or feed the animals, birds, and reptiles as they are the pride of the zoo. We also insist you to not litter on the ground or inside the animals cage. You should always keep a safe distance from the animals and avoid getting extremely close to them. Please take the pictures, selfies with caution.

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