Spend Some Time With The Luscious Greenery and Wildlife – Bhitarkanika National Park

Welcome onboard to the most popular, attractive and adventurous extensive mangrove ecosystem Bhitarkanika. The land of temples Odisha known for its culture, beauty, and nature holds up a lot of things you still need to explore. The more you explore the more you know about the eastern part of India, Odisha. Bhitarkanika is an international attraction for tourists, people from around the world have come to visit and traverse the beauty. Not just it is an adventure spot but the place holds a history for ages.

India is a country where you may find a lot of natural habitats but when it comes to the largest crocodile habitat in India you must count Bhitarkanika of Odisha on top. It is located in the north-east part of Kendrapada, a district of Odisha. Before the Government’s intervention, this land was controlled and occupied under the Zamindar until the 1950s. But, soon after when the Government abolished the Zamindar system the Government took over and hold the complete authority of the place. Now, this has become a hotspot for tourists around the world.

Bhitarkanika has reached a position in the global world and got recognized by UNESCO and is declared as Ramsar Convection. Apart from a crocodile habitat, this place is well-known for its flora and fauna and many more. In our article, we bring many such facts that will encourage you to visit and see what you haven’t seen yet. So, keep reading to keep exploring.


Bhitarkanika: The splendid natural habitat for wildlife.

Now, in our article, we will tell you some facts that you have never known or read

about. We are highlighting some facts that will encourage your journey to explore a beautiful place. Everyone loves nature, isn’t it? But living in the city you barely have seen it. You also get into a hectic scheduled life that it feels too hard to breathe a break. But we recommend you to take a break and see some nature and breathe fresh unpolluted oxygen in the natural habitat.

  • When you look into the biodiversity of this forest many rivers like Dharma, Brahmani, and Baitarni, etc descend across this reserve. Visitors have to book the boat before planning the trip to enjoy an uninterrupted time. 
  • You must have visited multiple zoos and seen several animals and even crocodiles. But to watch them uncaged adds a different sense in totality. Yes, at Bhitarkanika you will witness more than 16 feet long crocodiles resting and swimming on the river banks. Sounds chilling, isn’t it? It is chilling but doesn’t worry this will be once in a lifetime experience. However, it is recommended you not go to the river banks or swim in the water full of crocodiles and follow your guide’s instructions.
  • Sighting a white crocodile is difficult in real life. You must have seen them only on television but here at Bhitarkanika, you will see white crocodiles, pythons, monitor lizards, saltwater crocodiles, Indian pythons, and many such reptiles you have seen only on television. 
  • Now, if you are someone who has less interest or feels scared of reptiles of any kind. Then, don’t worry we got you covered. Bhitakanika is a place that will keep you surprised throughout your journey. This place is also recommended for those who are in love with birds. Yes, you heard me right. Due to dense forests and abundance of water, this is a place where foreign birds or migratory birds love to visit and stay during winter. To witness these birds you must visit this place during winter. You will be surprised to see a specific bird species known as Avifauna.
  • Next, if you think is it all about? Then stay with us to learn more. Bhitakanika is also a home for wildlife animals such as Cheetahs, Spotted Deers, Rhesus Monkeys, Jackals, Sambhar Deers, Rhesus Monkeys, Wild Boars, Hyenas, Wild Cats, and many more. This place is full of surprises if you have a challenging spirit and love for nature. We recommend you not to wander around this place on your own as it can be dangerous.
  • Bhitarkanika National Park is a place to offer a lot and filled with excitement and surprises. Now, towards the east, you will find the Gahirmatha Marine Sanctuary that separates the mangroves from the Bay of Bengal. You must now be excited to know what have it stored and why have we mentioned it. Wait, till you read our next point that will boost your interest to visit this place.
  • As promised, The Gahirmatha Marine Sanctuary is the only marine wildlife reserve in India. However, this place is well-known for the massive flux of an endangered species. Yes, the Olive Ridley Turtles who unfortunately are on the verge of extinction have found their home at this place. So, you will feel lucky to see this endangered species laying eggs during the month of winter. So, your best bet will be going there in January and February.
  • Now, apart from looking at animals and birds what more you can do? You can look at the beautiful sunset, do trekking, enjoy boating on the creeks, enjoy the serenity of the place with peace in your mind and heart. It is a place where exploration doesn’t come to an end. You can’t see and complete everything in one go. However, there are camps where you can stay and further plan to see the place. Bhitarkanika also has some eatery inside where they serve some decent food.

Final Thoughts: We understand you must be thinking about how you reach this place of beauty. Well, we have every solution for you to come and visit and feel energized. You have the top three options you can come through Rail, Air, and Road. Through Train, you can come to the Bhadrak that will be nearest, through flight you can come to Biju Patnaik Airport (Bhubaneswar) and take a car. And last but not least you can also travel by Road and follow the GPS-tracking.

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