Let’s Explore The Beautiful Beaches Of Odisha With Orissa Tourism

Science says spending time on the beach does bring a lot of positivity to your mind, body, and soul. Introducing you to the beautiful beaches of Odisha that will take you to the next level of positivity. Orissa Tourism has done special research on what spending time on the beach will do. Our experts found out that spending time on the beach does wonder for your health. In fact, as per a journal, it says those who live by the coast have better physical and mental health. But we do understand that it will not be the case for everyone every day. So, we bring you selective beaches where you must go and visit in Odisha for your peace of mind and relaxing.


Exploring Odisha through its beautiful, lively and amazing beaches:

The smell of the beach dedicates to your soothed state, which varies from all the negative ions in the air you have been breathing for so long. These oxygen atoms have an extra electron that specifically occurs on the beaches of Odisha. The simple act of touching the sand can make you all joyful and happy. The physical sensation of people putting their feet in the sand can make their feet feel warm that makes them feel more relaxed. “We have experienced the peace on the beach on Odisha”. We expect you to experience the same when you visit this mystic land Odisha and feel empowered and boosted with positivity at the beach of Odisha.

Odisha is a state that shares 450KMs of the Indian Coastline. It shares its coastal front with the Bay of Bengal, Odisha has become a home of some of the best beaches located on the east coast and found in India. Our beaches consist of silver sand, beautiful blue sky, and calm and soothing water of the beach makes this special for tourists who want to feel relaxed, laid back, and enjoy. The coastal area is lined with many palm and coconut trees which add magic to the beauty of this place.

Here, are some beaches where you will bliss out when you take your beach trip to Odisha.

Konark Astaranga

Astaranga Beach: This is a little beach that is 19KMs away from the famous place Konark and 91KMs away from Sri Jagannath Temple. Konark is known for its world-famous Sun temple which is historic. The tourists love to visit this place and get a complete package of witnessing both the mesmerizing beauties. Astaranga beach is not so crowded so here you do get a chance to connect with nature without much distraction. Most people love to come here for its beautiful sunset that presents a panoramic view. Many tourists who loves photography has captured this beautiful sunset in their camera. Amidst, of the fact, this is the most colorful beach especially during the sunset on a multi-colored horizon. Other attraction reasons are the here you may be able to witness beautiful birds and the most spectacular view of turtles nesting on the beach. Astaranga beach is famous for fishing as you will find fresh fish in the everyday market. It is near the mouth of Devi River and lies on the coast of the Bay of Bengal. This is a perfect beach for spending peaceful time rejuvenating yourself, and a perfect getaway from the toxic and polluted cities.

Gopalpur Beach: Gopalpur is a town of people who love living their life every day. You will find a lot of colorful artistic house. If you are a non-vegetarian lover then definitely you should try the fish in Gopalpur. The beach at Gopalpur used to be a commercial port but now this has become a famous beach for tourists. Gopalpur is 16 KMs away from the southern commercial hub of Odisha famously known as Berhampur. The Gopalpur beach offers a getaway from your busy life, allowing you to breathe fresh air and watch people enjoying the beach. It is the most promising clean beach you would find in Odisha. The beach is surrounded by beautiful palm trees, coconut trees, and casuarinas trees. You can enjoy being at the beach with some fresh coconut water available at the stalls at a very reasonable price. This is also a shopper’s destination as you get different home decorative things, and jewelry made from real shells. The serine quiet beach is also known as the sailor’s paradise. It is perfect for surfing and sailing because of the smooth sands that unify with the deep blue water of the Bay of Bengal.


Puri Beach

Chandipur Beach: It is known as one of the serene beach located near Balasore. This beach may surprise you with its brilliant fact of changing the way it looks every time. It is also known as the cleanest beach in Odisha, Chandipur beach is a beach where you can connect yourself with nature for its peaceful surrounding. The most uncommon feature of this beach is the way it retreats almost 5KMs twice a day. As the sea recedes, the horizon gets broader as the soft, moist, and soothing sand becomes a perfect destination for the tourist to enjoy. It is no doubt that the beach is so tranquil and polished has also other attraction where you may just merely immerse your soul unconditionally and enjoy the warmth of nature. Here, you will get to eat any seafood that will please your taste-buds and make you feel delighted with the flavors in your mouth. Apart, from this Chandipur beach is not very crowded that also becomes a reason why it is a place you can do soul-search and hopefully find your answers to your life while connecting with nature.


Puri Beach: There is a reason why Puri beach is well-known. The city of Puri is synonymous with the word sacred and is a home of many Hindu temples. It is popularly known as one of the Char-Dham’s in India, where it is believed to get Moksha. The versatile beach at Puri is known for many reasons. Not only you will find peace and comfort this beach also is a place where you can truly connect yourself with nature. It is also a hub of water sports for sporty people, and also a pleasurable and fun place for kids. This vibrant place is quietly populated as you get to see the most beautiful sunset at the beach. Puri beach also gives opportunity and encouragement to the sand artist that have given them Name, Fame, and source of Income. Many tourists love to come here and witness the live work of these artists working on the sand to create unique and creative designs. Our National sand sculpture artist Mr. Sudarshana Pattnaik has created many arts on this sand and added more beauty to this place with his splendid work. Hence, the Puri beach is a prominent place for the tourist to visit for its natural beauty and creativity.