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Orissa Tourism brings out the unshared information and prepares you before you plan a trip to Odisha. Now, we bring you the inside story of Odisha. Apart, from Odisha well-known for its art, culture, dance, scenic beauty, intriguing tribal culture, and archaeological artistry you would know one another essential side of this place. Every traveler goes through a lot of reading and researching. Based on what you want to see, visit, and things you wish to discover when you step into a new venue. But, it is also essential that you should keep track of your diet and eat healthy to stay energetic throughout your travel.

Orissa Tourism is one such website that will navigate you from the start of your journey to the end. We are here to give complete information on how and when to travel, along with suggestions of what you should eat. We have everything covered for your fruitful and prosperous journey.



  • Odisha is a beloved state, and it is famous for many reasons. Many travelers love to visit this state and have found a lot of interest, peace, affection, and love. Tourists love trying authentic Odia food and cuisine. Odia food is naturally exceptional when it comes to its taste, flavor, and variations. The simple yet unique cooking style has made its own identity in the globe. The delicious flavor of Odia food drives many tourists to visit Odisha. One of the most distinctive facts about Odisha is it is so rich in culture that you get to see its reflection in the food as well. Odia cuisine is simple yet is a perfect combination of health, that is mouth-watering to please your taste-buds.
  • Orissa Tourism is here to help you to explore Odisha. We aim to keep you elated, filled with joy, and gain a splendid experience before your return. Odisha is a diverse and vibrant state that each district manifests a unique culture, heritage, and even a distinctive food specialty. The food is so heavenly that it has made its place in the top quality of food served in India. Odia people are quite particular about eating healthy and cooking a variety of food items. They use very little oil in cooking besides the food that will surprise you with its aroma and irresistible craving.
  • Odisha is one of the highest rice producers in India. The majority of people of Odisha eat rice daily along with several other curries, stir-fries, accompanied by different types of sweets. The Odia cuisine uses an amalgamation of locally-sourced vegetables, pulses, cereals, dairy products, poultry, meat, and seafood as it uses less oil with comparison to other states in the country. Despite this Odia food is irresistible and will leave you craving after you once had it. Whether you are someone from Odisha or any part of the world. Odia cuisine has left its magic on every single person who has ever had it. Many foreigners who love traveling and love peace come to Odisha and get shocked with the flavors busting in their mouth and ask for recipes. They are keen on learning and knowing how Odia food can be so delicious. 
  • Orissa Tourism believes in bringing you real facts. As we talk about the popularity of Odia food. We bring you a truly inspiring story of 2020. We all have watched the show Master Chef no matter which part of the world we belong to. Recently, the Odia food has refreshed its popularity on the global channel as the Chef surprises the judges by making an Odia dish. The winner of the show Master Chef is Mr. Abhinas Nayak, who is from Odisha made Besara Chicken an authentic dish of Odisha, and pleased the judges with its intriguing taste. The judges were so shocked by the flavor of the simple dish that kept asking for more. Not just Mr. Abhinas won the show but have once again added a couple of stars and popularity to the Odia dish.
  • Odia food comes in several varieties, and it is one of the major reasons why it attracts several tourists despite where they come from or what diet they follow. This state has so many varieties and doesn’t leave its guest go back hungry. Whether you are a vegetarian, non-vegetarian, vegan, or any non-specific food lover. Your tummy will be filled with love and delicious, pleasing, sumptuous, aromatic food that will leave you to drool over. If you love desserts then this place brings you the joy of giving you a choice to choose from more than ten varieties of sweets that are made and originated here by Odia people. As Orissa tourism promised you to give you some insights before your visit. We are mentioning a few dishes that you should try.


Dahi Vada

Dahibara Aloodum: This is another legendary traditional street food. If you love spicy food you should give this a shot.

Kichedi: A simple dish made, prepared with rice, lentils, and all the veggies.

Pakhala Bhata: If it’s hot outside or not. This is a dish that will soothe your stomach and keep you cool especially in the summer.

Dahi Macha: This is a finger-licking dish made with fish and Dahi( Curd) with several other organic spices.

Dahi Bara


Santula: If you are someone who chooses to stay fit and is health-conscious. Eating this dish will do the magic to keep you fit.

Khata: There are several varieties of this naughty dish. This is a type of pickle that is healthy and soothing and adds great flavor to your platter as a side dish.

Dalma: The legendary traditional dish is packed with vitamins, nutrients, and protein. This is the authentic food that creates an identity among Odisha cuisine.


Gupchup: Although you will find this all over India. But the taste of this dish varies when you eat it at Odisha. This is one of the famous street foods that are too hard to resist.


Rasagula: Now, this is one of the controversial dishes but not in a bad way. This dessert is originated in Odisha and has pleased several tourists with its delicacy, mouth-watering, and soft texture.

Rasabali: Love dairy products? Try this dessert. This legendary dish is served among the 36 Bhog served in Sri.Jagannath Temple.

This is not the end of the type of food you will find in Odisha but the beginning of the list. We promise when you visit your mouth will be loaded with all kind of delicious flavors that has a lot of health benefits.