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Odisha the land of natural beauty that has some picture perfect, stunning, and beautiful puddle of water our country has to offer. Odisha is a land of countless wisdom that offers a visual feast for the inquisitive visitors. This culturally rich state is filled with lakes, rivers, waterfalls, temples, and wildlife. Odisha stands out from many other states and attracts the tourist to repeatedly visit this land for its natural beauty and artistry. It is a land bestowed with natural tempestuous lakes and other water bodies. Not just humans but birds too migrate from overseas and become inhabitants near several lakes in Odisha. These lakes provide a source of income to the fisherman’s relying on these water bodies. Moreover, these famous lakes are perfect if you are planning for boating, picnic, and excursions. They are a popular attraction for sightseeing for both locals and tourists.

Orissa Tourism gives you ample information about the emerald lakes of Odisha you need to visit. We promise your visit will please your eyes and soul by these natural beauties and experience the tranquil ambiance. These inexpensive places will boost your happiness as you see here what you haven’t elsewhere. So, let us know more about this article.

Spectacular Lakes In Odisha To Visit On Your Next Trip

Orissa Tourism has listed a couple of lakes you must-visit when you come to Odisha. We also promise to keep your dream vacation one of the most memorable visits.

  • Chilika Lake: Odisha is a magnificent state will offer a lot to its tourist. Among all, we bring you to one of the majestic water bodies known as Chilika. This lake is one of the largest brackish water lagoon found in Asia. It is located at the mouth of the Daya river. Chilka Lake is separated from the Bay of Bengal by a sandy ridge. It has a unique shape that looks like a pear stretches across 1100 sq/km. Every year around millions of people come to visit this serene beauty. If you are a nature lover then this place will surprise you with its unique ecosystem and a wide variety of aquatic flora and fauna. It is surrounded by the lush green on all sides that enhances the beauty of this place. Chilika Lake welcomes the tourists for bird watching, picnics, boating, and fishing. If you are a bird watcher and photographer wait till the winters when this place is filled with migrated birds from around the world. This place is also the world’s biggest breeding colony of flamingos. Other than that birds like Greylag geese, purple moorhen, herons, and white-bellied sea eagles are found in abundance here. We recommend you plan your trip from November to March as that will be a perfect time to visit Chilika Lake to witness these migratory birds fly down here from Siberia. Not just this you may as well spot the endangered Irrawaddy dolphins while boating.
  • Ansupa Lake: Another lake we have for you is shaped like a horseshoe and named as Ansupa Lake. This is a freshwater lake situated on the banks of Mahanadi River. It is surrounded by beautiful Saranda Hills and Bisnupur Hills. This lake sprawls over an area of 141-hectares and is a famous tourist destination. Ansupa is an ideal place for sightseeing, boating, and hiking. The beautiful hill is surrounded by luxuriant greenery on one side and the immaculate lake on the other side. This lake is embellished with flourishing flowers and other water plants. It is a unique place that has bio-diverse flora and fauna. There are more than dozens variety of floating plants, more than twenty species of emergent and nine species of submerged species. This lake is filled with more than thirty-three species of fish, ten different kinds of reptiles, and three species of prawn. Apart from this, there is a striking beauty waiting for you on your visit. They are the beautiful, most exotic looking migratory birds who have resided at this place during the month of winter. You will surprise to almost fifty species of migratory birds. Thanks to the Govt. of Odisha who has taken the initiative to take care of the lake to keep it clean and natural. If you wish to stay at this hilly place then you can opt for the beautiful resorts constructed on the top of the hill. From there you can see the whole city and enjoy some good food at your comfort.
  • Kolab Dam: Next, is the Kolab Dam located in the Jeypore town of Odisha. Jeypore is known as the city of victory, is known for its old fort, lakes, and beautiful hills. You can travel to this city by taking a bus, and train. Passing through the tunnels this place offers you beautiful scenery. For the entire nature lover, this place is a perfect getaway as it blessed with stunning nature. The Kolab dam came into existence in the year 1993 and has been a famous tourist place of several people. It is ideally a place where you can take your family for a picnic, leisure strolls, and boating. The serene surrounding and scenic beauty is the major attraction for many nature lovers. It is surrounded by beautiful hills and the freshwater lake makes this place a tourist interest. Kolab dam is surrounded by beautiful gardens that have more than 200 species of flowers. You may feel mesmerized in the botanical garden from the lovely scent of the flowers. The dam holds an unparalleled charm that you may feel to spend most of your time here. After you visit this lake you may want to explore a few other places like Deomali, Gupteshwar Cave, and Bagara Waterfalls which are located nearby. It is one of the best places for an outing that will make you feel connected with nature.

There are several other lakes in Odisha that you must visit. However, Orissa tourism aims at informing you of the most exclusive places that have maximum tourist visits. It is our lookout that we take you to these beautiful scenic places and guide you to plan your trip to make beautiful memories for your lifetime.

Island in Chilika lake
Chilika Odisha
Balugaon on Chilika Odisha India