Explore the marvelous waterfall with Orissa Tourism.

Orissa Tourism is here to explore with you the best cultural heritage of Odisha. Our recommendations are based on local people, and tourists who come from around the world. We have visited these places where nature has unfolded its charismatic power and then have decided to recommend you and help you with all you’re planning.

Today we will explore the marvelous waterfalls of Odisha that will blow your mind. You may experience the best feeling when you see the water rushes down the steep ledge. The ideal time to visit these waterfalls is during monsoon. Here are some great waterfalls in Odisha where you would like to get your feet wet or just treat your eyes with a visual spectacle. Most of these waterfalls are best visited by the number of tourists throughout the year.

You should plan your trip to see the wonders of nature falling from the height. For your convenience we have listed a few of the waterfalls you must visit.

Explore The Waterfalls With Orissa Tourism

Barehipani Waterfall
Dumduma Waterfall

Barehipani Waterfall: This waterfall is Odisha’s biggest waterfall and India’s second-largest waterfall. It is located in the district of Mayurbhanj. This waterfall falls from the height of 400meters. Not just this, the district is well-known for conserving wild animals. Here, you will find wild elephants, Indian bison, and the famous Bengal tiger. This is one of the most popular spots for travelers who come down to visit the waterfall. Besides, this place looks magnificent in the full moon night. One of the most interesting facts about this is its two drops that descend from a wife cliff with a height of 399 m where the tallest drop ranges 259 m.

Dumduma Waterfall: This beautiful waterfall is situated in the southernmost part of Odisha known as Malkangiri. his place is close to a town named Jeypore from where you can get a taxi, bus, and train to reach your destination. This place attracts maximum tourists for its natural vibrancy from around the world. It is originated from the River Machkund. The water is the backbone of the Machkund Hydro-Electric Power Project. This waterfalls from a height of 155 meters that gives water to the Machakunda Dam. The village is named after it is then ruled by the Nanda dynasty of Magadha.

Khandadhar Waterfall
Sanaghagara Waterfall

Khandadhar Waterfall: It is located in the district Sudergarh in the north-western part of Odisha. This waterfall is positioned around the forest that is rich in minerals. It falls from a height of 225 meters from the top. If you love hiking and trekking then this place is a place of your interest. The waterfall is best described as a horsetail type waterfall. It also made its name on the 12th place of India’s highest waterfall. This place also is a treasure of rare medicinal plants. You must visit this place to see the cultural Khandadhara festival. This famous waterfall in Odisha is the even famous legends associated with it.

Sanaghagara Waterfall: Keonjhar also known as Kedhujhar is a place that is bestowed and blessed with nature. It is also known as the 5th scheduled areas of Odisha. The name Sanaghaghra means a small waterfall is popular among tourists and locals of Odisha. This descends at a height of 30.5meters and has become a popular picnic destination for all. It has a beautiful garden that is surrounded by a beautiful local flowers-species of Odisha. It is also a perfect spot for people who love trekking. While visiting this place we urge you to go to the Sri Baladev Jew Temple that is located nearby.


Badaghagara Waterfall: This waterfall will provide a soul-striving experience for every tourist. It is located at Kendujhar district and surrounded by natural hills and set 9km away from the district. The River known as Machha Kandana jumps down from a height of 60m to form the Badaghagara waterfalls. Badaghagara is one of the famous waterfalls in Odisha. It is a special part of the Ghaghara River which itself is a tributary of River Baitarani. The gushing sound of the water can be heard from a distance as you walk up to the base of the waterfall. You can see the water flow out as a stream through the forest slopes.

Joranda Waterfall: You will find this waterfall in the central area of Simlipal National Park that is located in the Mayurbhaj district. It has a total height of 150 meters that is 490 feet. It has gained its popularity by being the 19th highest waterfalls found in India. If you are planning your trip then you can do both Barehipani waterfall and Jordana waterfall together as they aren’t that far from each other. It is famous for attracting tourists for its beauty as this is a straight and single drop waterfall that occupies an important spot to visit in the traveler’s book. Moreover, this looks stunning from the top as you can as well hear the gargling sound of the waterfall.

Hatipathar Waterfalls: If you are looking to do a family picnic or want to visit with your friends then the Hathipathar waterfall will fulfill your desires. This is a wonderful picnic spot and great tourist place of the Rayagada district of Odisha. This breath-taking waterfall falls from a height of 334 meters making a loud gushing sound. Its name comes from two things ‘Hathi’ means ‘Elephant’ and ‘Pathar’ means ‘Rock’. This is named after the elephant because of its shape that resembles the face of an elephant.   The best time recommended for visiting this place is from October to February. This is one of the largest picnic spots for tourists to visit and spend their vacation time.

Pradhanpat Waterfall: The waterfall is located 100km away from the district Sambalpur that is in the western part of Odisha. Time and again the beauty of Pradhanpat waterfall has driven tourists towards itself. You can visit this place in all seasons but it is so far recommended to visit from October to early March. The waterfall had the 1st hydroelectric power unit of the city of Deogarh in Odisha. This wonderful waterfall falls from a height of 9.1 meters, is surrounded by astounding hills and deep forests. This is ultimately known as one of the peaceful places you must visit. It stands apart from other waterfalls as the sound it makes is soothing rather than gushing.