Explore The Wildlife Of Odisha With Orissa Tourism

Odisha is a state that is extremely rich in heritage and culture. It is a home not only for people but also for wild animals. You may have never witnessed such wildlife before what you will in Odisha. This state doesn’t only respect people but also gives enormous love and respect to the wild animals. They are well protected from the poachers and kept in a natural habitat. When you visit Odisha you should be prepared to see a large number of wildlife sanctuaries and National Parks. These places are kept natural to preserve originality and beauty. This state is known as one of the richest states in biodiversity in India. 


Orissa tourism will help you get your adventurous side out and help you see what a lot of people miss. We bring you the unseen details and help you plan your tour before ahead. Odisha is blessed by nature with a bounty of flora and fauna. You will see several wildlife sanctuaries, National Park, and bird sanctuaries. This makes Odisha a must-visit place where you can disconnect from your regular life to feel connected with the wilderness. 


The tourist who visits through Orissa Tourism gets to experience plenty of places to view the natural magnificence of Odisha. This must-visit destination welcomes everyone whether you are local or someone who has traveled from any part of the world. Recent studies say Odisha is one of the most loved places to visit by several international travelers. Well, in our following article we bring you some information for your fruitful and happy journey.


Get your adventurous side out with Orissa Tourism


Odisha offers you one of the richest experiences when it comes to wildlife. It is a home for every living organism. More than 30 percent of the land is covered with forest and more than 400 KMs it is surrounded by a coastline that has exotic wildlife sanctuaries and national parks. If you love wildlife this is the place where you must be in the first place. There are the following places where you must visit when you visit Odisha.


Bhitarakanika: This was the land governed by the Zamindars in the year 1952 but it soon came under the control of the Government after the revolutionary movement of abolishing the Zamindar system. This beautiful forest got its recognition in the year 1998. This is famously known to be the home for crocodiles. Here, you will see crocodiles sized more than 16 feet long. Not, just this but you will also witness see white crocodiles, pythons, monitor lizards, saltwater crocodiles, Indian pythons, and many such reptiles you have seen only on television. At Gahirmatha Marine Sanctuary, you will be surprised to see the Olive Ridley Turtle laying eggs on the beach. The specialty of this turtle is it is one of the least found turtles in the world. 

Simlipal: Get ready to wow yourself with the largest National Park of Odisha. It covers almost most of the parts of the Mayurbhanj district known for its natural bounty of Odisha. If you are a vivid, adventurous traveler then this land gives you the right to connect with nature. Similipal National park was declared as the largest Nation park of Odisha by the Government in 1980. It further got recognition by UNESCO as Biosphere Reserve in the year 2009. This land is covered with thick and green forest, giant waterfalls, beautiful mountains peaks, several rivers and streams, and most importantly the wild animals. When you visit this place, get ready to see the number of Royal Bengal Tigers, wild Elephants, and several birds that will make this place your favorite destination. Simlipal houses the Barehipani waterfall known as the second-highest waterfall in India.


Chandaka: Now, if you love Elephants then you are reading the right section that will give all the information. Chandaka is designated as an Elephant reserve in the year 1982. It is located on the outskirt of Bhubaneswar (Capital of Odisha). The reason why you should visit this place is it is known for large Indian Elephants. Chandaka is not just limited to wild Elephants but here you would find several other wild animals such as Rhesus Monkey, Wild Pig, Indian Mongoose, Indian Civet, Leopards, Ruddy Mangoose, Sloth bear, Indian Wolf, and hyenas. You are most likely to spot Spotted Deer, Mouse Deer, and many more. If you are fond of watching beautiful sunset then this place has built a dam known as Deras Dam from where you can see all these wild animals safely. There are several other watchtowers which enables you to spot wild animals, it is constructed inside the reserve for your convenience and protection.



Nalabana (Chilika): If you love watching birds then we welcome you to the paradise of birds. Chilika is a lake where thousands of birds migrate from overseas and reside during the season of winter. This lake is popular for its largest brackish water with an estuarine character that reclines along the east coast of India. It is also called as a lagoon that covers almost 1100 KMs. You will find this lake near Puri, Ganjam and Khurda cities in the state of Odisha. This is otherwise called as Nalabana because this island is filled with weed, and Nalabana means weed in Odiya language. This island completely submerges during the monsoon and gets back to normal after the monsoon is gone leaving sufficient food for the birds. If you visit here, we recommend you to take a boat ride to create an unforgettable moment for you and your companions. 

Gahiramatha: This is the one and only marine sanctuary in entire eastern India. Gahiramatha marine sanctuary separates Bhitarakanika National Park from the Bay of Bengal. This place is popular for the largest Olive Riddle turtles who come to the shore to lay eggs during the later part of the winter season. Unfortunately, these Olive Ridley turtles are on the verge of extinction have luckily found their home at Gahiramatha. To watch them live is one of the best things you would see in your life. If you want to experience something unique then you may push yourself to walk along this narrow sandy beach to see how it divides the sea from the mesmerizing dense forest. Although, we would like to inform you that you are likely to take the boat and cross through the Bay of Bengal to see this unseen part of Gahiramatha. Other transportation is if you are willing to take a bike ride by the muddy road which we think you would least want to do.